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Expungement & Pardon Law in Oklahoma

Expungement & Pardon Law in Oklahoma allows for the removal of certain records under certain conditions. Not every offense is eligible for expungement or a Pardon, and not every record may be stricken as a result of an expungement. Expungement Law in Oklahoma examines numerous records with the arresting agency, local courts, and the OSBI. The OSBI records are the most comprehensive, but the clearing of your arrest record with the OSBI is subject to strict rules and guidelines, and therefore, few people qualify for expungement of these records. A person often will need to be granted a Pardon in order to qualify for an expungement. A pardon is a lengthy and document-intensive process.

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Beverly Atteberry is a Trusted Tulsa Attorney Who Prepares Wills and Trusts, Probate, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Charitable Gift Planning, and Powers of Attorney.

Beverly wants to help you to have a smooth transition to transfer property and money to spouses, children, friends and charities and taking care of your estate with attention to detail and a smooth transition.

A Will lets the Courts know how you want your property divided if you do not have a trust. Yes, EVERYONE needs a will. People who feel they have little or no assets need a will as much as those who have multiple assets and large estates. Trusts do not cover every situation (such as a car accident with legal matters pending).

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Personal Injury Accident Lawyer

What do you do after an accident in which you were injured? Talk with Tulsa personal injury attorney Beverly Atteberry: (918) 605-1913.

Whether it was your fault or due to the negligence or intention of another person, Ms. Atteberry can help you. It doesn’t matter if the injury or illness is the result of a car accident, boating mishap, semi-truck or train accident, a slip and fall, a defective product, or a myriad of other types of an accident resulting in injury to you or injury or death to a loved one, Beverly Atteberry is an experienced Tulsa, Oklahoma accident injury attorney who can help.

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Violent Crimes Lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Violent Crimes Law defines violent offenses as those which cause bodily harm or threaten to cause bodily harm to another person or people. Assault, domestic violence, rape, and homicide are among the most commonly charged and prosecuted violent crimes. In some cases, such as DUI manslaughter, a person may be charged using Oklahoma violent crimes law even though he or she had no intent to harm the victim. Beverly Atteberry, a Criminal Lawyer in Tulsa will fight to protect your rights.

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Drug Crime Lawyer Tulsa

Oklahoma Drug laws have changed to reflect the changing face of drug abuse. Oklahoma has an active and mandatory Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), laws prohibiting doctor shopping, laws requiring prescribers to conduct physical exams with patients and to demonstrate an active physician-patient relationship, and prescriber education.

Often, prescription drug distribution is committed when people share or sell their own legally prescribed drugs, or when young adults steal and sell prescriptions from their parents’ and grandparents’ medicine chests. The distribution also occurs through prescription fraud using forged prescription pads to illegally obtain and sell frequently abused medications, or even robbery of a pharmacy. Protect your rights when you need a Drug Criminal Lawyer in Tulsa.

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Federal Crimes Criminal Lawyer Tulsa

In the United States, a federal offense is considered an act that is illegal according to United States federal laws. The prosecution can occur at either or both the federal and state levels.

As an experienced Tulsa criminal defense attorney, Beverly handles matters of local and state law and provides Federal criminal defense to those who have been charged with committing a Federal crime. Many Federal criminal law convictions can issue mandatory prison time with minimum sentences ranging anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Following that, a Federal conviction can easily destroy one’s record when it comes to finding new employment, decrease the likelihood of obtaining grants, scholarships, and other methods of financial aid for college, or the candidacy for certain roles and offices within society.

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Muscogee Creek Nation Courts

Beverly represents Natives and non-natives that are charged with a crime in tribal court.