This respected Tulsa Attorney can help with expungement, wills, trusts, and estate planning, criminal law and more.
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Through years of assisting individuals and families in planning and preparing their wills, trusts and estates and related matters, Beverly Atteberry has helped her clients manuever the intricacies, complexities and legalities of Probate smoothly and with welcome peace of mind.

Beverly Atteberry is a Trusted Tulsa Attorney Who Prepares Wills and Trusts, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Charitable Gift Planning, Powers of Attorney

These are common methods of transferring property to spouses, children, friends and charities and taking care of your estate with attention to detail and a smooth transition.


A Will lets the Courts know how you want your property divided if you do not have a trust. Yes, EVERYONE needs a will. People who feel they have little or no assets need a will as much as those who have multiple assets and large estates. Trusts do not cover every situation (such as a car accident with legal matters pending).


A Trust is a way to bypass the probate process. Different types of trusts exist, depending upon the size of your estate and your goals.


Probate is the court process. It includes the Judge appointing a personal representative*, identifying assets, resolving debts, paying expenses, determining heirs and distributing any money or property to the heirs.


Time is of the essence. It's best to address these matters now to avoid conflict and questions later. Don't wait another minute to start securing your assets and taking care of your affairs.