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Criminal Attorney Tulsa:
White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes usually include "economic" crimes. They involve obtaining money from a business, government agency, organization, or from individuals. The money is obtained under false pretense or misappropriation of funds.

In my twenty years as a Tulsa criminal attorney I have successfully represented many cases for white collar crime in Oklahoma. I will work with you to secure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

If you suspect you may be involved in illegal activities, understand that you may already be under investigation. If you are questioned about your involvement in a crime, or if you have already been accused, arrested, or charged with a white collar crime, contact me as quickly as possible to protect your rights and your defense.

White Collar Crimes in Oklahoma can include:

• Embezzlement or Misappropriation of Funds or Property
• Medicare Fraud
• Health Care Fraud
• Insurance Fraud
• Credit Card Fraud
• Mortgage Fraud
• Bank Fraud
• Securities Fraud
• Wire Fraud or Mail Fraud
• Insider Trading
• Bribery, Blackmail, or Extortion
• Intellectual Property Theft or Piracy
• Internet Fraud
• Computer Crimes
• Racketeering
• Check Kiting, Check Fraud, and Bad Checks
• Tax Evasion