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Expungement Law in Oklahoma

Expungement Law in Oklahoma allows for removal of certain records under certain conditions. Not every offense is eligible for expungement, and not every record may be stricken as a result of an expungement. Expungement Law in Oklahoma examines numerous records with the arresting agency, local courts, and the OSBI. The OSBI records are the most comprehensive, but the clearing of your arrest record with the OSBI is subject to strict rules and guidelines, and therefore, fewer people qualify for expungement of these records.

Arrests, Convictions and Protective Orders can often limit the type of job you can get and where you live.  These can often be removed, or expunged, from your permanent records, meaning that in the future they will only be accessible to law enforcement.

Contact me if you have any questions about your expungement eligibility.  If you would like to have a record of your arrest, nonviolent felony conviction, deferred sentence, VPO, or juvenile offenses expunged, contact me for a free consulation.

Types of expungements available in Oklahoma law include:

• Full record expungement under 22 O.S. §18/19
• Expungement following a deferred sentence under 22 O.S. §991c
• Expungement of a Victim's Protection Order (VPO) under 22 O.S. §60.18
• Expungement of Juvenile Records under 10A O.S. §2-6-109