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Drug Crime Lawyer Tulsa

Oklahoma Drug laws have changed to reflect the changing face of drug abuse. Oklahoma has an active and mandatory Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), laws prohibiting doctor shopping, laws requiring prescribers to conduct physical exams with patients and to demonstrate an active physician-patient relationship, and prescriber education.

Often, prescription drug distribution is committed when people share or sell their own legally prescribed drugs, or when young adults steal and sell prescriptions from their parents' and grandparents' medicine chests. Distribution also occurs through prescription fraud using forged prescription pads to illegally obtain and sell frequently abused medications, or even robbery of a pharmacy.  Protect your rights when you need a Drug Criminal Lawyer in Tulsa.

If you have been accused of illegally prescribing drugs or accused of drug distribution for sharing or selling your own prescriptions or stolen medications, call for a free consultation If you have been arrested, or if you suspect you are under investigation for illegal distribution of a controlled substance, call today to find out how I can help.