About Beverly

Oklahoma was settled by great folks like Beverly’s great grandparents (both sides of her family). Like many, they came with the dream of opportunity for progress and making our state one of the greatest places to live, work, and play in America. That sense of drive and independence was passed down through generations of Okies and lives in Beverly today. She shares that dream of making Oklahoma the greatest state in America.

Earning her JD from Tulsa University, she has spent the last 29 years serving her clients in the Tulsa area with a focus on wills, probate, and criminal law.

Beverly Atteberry

Beverly Was Always Raised With a Sense of Charity and Community

A devout Christian, Beverly was always raised with a sense of charity and community. Many Christmas mornings were spent with her parents and sister serving food to the less fortunate in their community.

Throughout her profession, Beverly has argued in courtrooms representing more than 5,000 clients. She understands the law, how to communicate it, and how to fight for what’s right.

Through years of assisting individuals and families in planning and preparing their wills, trusts and estates and related matters, Beverly Atteberry has helped her clients maneuver the intricacies, complexities and legalities of Probate smoothly and with welcome peace of mind.